What Can I Put in the Dishwasher: Not These 12 Things

Most people who use a full-fledged dishwasher in their house go through a dilemma regarding what they can put inside it. It is a highly complex device, so you need to be mindful of what you use it for.

If you are thinking to yourself, what can I put in the dishwasher? Then there are several things you should avoid. These products are designed for hand cleaning, even though they don’t specifically say that.

We will clear things out for you so you can make a sound judgment on what you should put in there and what you shouldn’t!


Why You Should Avoid Putting Some Things in The Dishwasher?

Let’s start by explaining the issues; why should you avoid putting some things in the dishwasher?

This may seem like it has a basic answer, but there are things to explain in every branch of these issues. One of the clearest reasons for being careful is that you might damage your dishwasher.

It is a fully automatic machine capable of handling cleaning procedures, but those procedures are programmed in a generalized manner so that everything fits in.

Therefore, some of the kitchen components require a little more attention while cleaning, and this device does not have such capability or thought process.


Don’t Put These Things In Your Dishwasher

Among many things you can clean in it, we will discuss some of them that you should certainly avoid putting in the dishwasher:

1. Sharp Tools

Most people tend to avoid the fact that these sharp tools are dangerous for the dishwasher; they need to be cleaned with better care and most certainly by hand.

You might be wanting to ask, why? Well, sharp tools are useful as well as damaging. The inner components of the device operate with continuous movements and water pressure.

If you put a lot of loosely kept knives in the dishwasher, with the water pressure, the tools might loosen from the position and strike any part of the device, which can permanently damage it.

Moreover, it is also problematic for the knives; they are quite prone to getting dull and losing their integrity.

That will only cost you money since you will have to replace the blades with new ones, or you’ll have to deal with these excruciatingly dull tools for a while.


2. Non-Stick Pans and Other Components

things not to put in dishwasher - non-stick pan

When you buy non-stick pans from the internet or even research about it, you will realize there are many instances where it is specifically mentioned that “the pan is safe for dishwashers”.

These are the only instances when you can consider putting these in the dishwasher. But otherwise, this will be quite a mistake since it will only ruin your product for good.

How? If you’re thinking that, then let us clear things out. The coating is made of components that only maintain integrity if the proper rules are followed.

That’s why most coated non-stick pans are not suitable for dishwashers; these are prone to react with the chemical inside them.

Some of these cleaning agents can cause the coating to flake off, and it will affect anything you cook on the pan afterward.


3. Hollow Handles

Any product with hollow handles should not go inside the dishwasher. It will only cause the adhesive in the handles to react violently and make the handles fall off.

The best things to use for these hollow knives are hand wash. In some instances, water is even prone to accumulating inside the handles and causing it to corrode with time.

So, these should be avoided inside the dishwasher, and you should try cleaning these items differently.


4. Decorative Items

You should never put decorative items inside the dishwasher if you want the design and colorful work to last since the heavy cleaning process can be quite damaging to the decorations.

Moreover, most of the decorative components are paint-based, and some china’s contain metallic designs. Those will get ruined entirely or even wiped off if they come in contact with heavy water.

Therefore, undoubtedly it is a better idea to use hand wash or anything like that with softer composition, so it doesn’t react badly with the materials.


5. Heirlooms

We have already established the fact such as cleaning anything that is delicate or decorative should not go into the dishwasher.

That will completely ruin the materials and the design. Moreover, you should certainly avoid delicate things like heirlooms since these are priceless, so the damage will be twice the bad.

You should always blow clean them or use softer clothes to clean off any dust. Otherwise, it is quite likely that the damages will be hard to repair when it is done.


6. Paintings

While it is quite unusual to clean something like paintings in the dishwasher, some people have done it and regretted it a lot! So, you should definitely keep in mind that even the mildest setting will be hard for the materials.

They will be very easily damaged, and the components will be unrepairable afterward. Therefore, always avoid going down that road.


7. Iron Pans

things not to put in dishwasher - Iron Pans

The thing about iron pans is that their non-stick features are hard to form, so ruining such specific features will be the complete waste of the product.

Therefore, when you put it inside the dishwasher, the detergents react to it quite violently, causing the product to break down, and the non-stick features are badly affected.

That is clearly a way to ruin the extra protection on the cast iron materials, as the coating protects it from other materials as well. Such as rust and other contaminants are resisted by this product.

So, you should always consider not putting it into the dishwasher and adapting other ways to clean the pan after every use.


8. Crystal Materials

Crystal materials are quite delicate; you really don’t want anything to affect them in a negative way as that can completely ruin how these look.

After repeated cleaning of these products, the clean, transparent work on the items is affected, and it completely loses that quality. It can even get slightly blurry after some time.

Therefore, try following all the instructions that the manufacturer talks about, and you should try using compatible cleaning agents on it.


9. Plastic

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when it comes down to the dishwasher is putting plastic materials inside it.

They are highly prone to warping, and most of them experience situations like that, so you need to be very careful about anything plastic inside the dishwasher.

Due to the usage of high temperatures, the products are prone to warping in very little time, and they might even cause damages inside the unit as well.

Moreover, some of them are marked if they are dishwasher safe or not; otherwise, you just risk things melting inside your device and exposing it to dangerous chemicals.


10. Printed Cups

The prints on these types of cups are already quite prone to getting off. But after you put them inside the dishwasher, you risk more damages to the items since, with little heat, the writing can completely get off the body of the cups.


11. Wooden Materials

things not to put in dishwasher - wooden utensils

Another thing you should surely avoid inside the dishwasher is wooden cookware or anything else. Wood is sensitive towards a lot of things, so you shouldn’t really be too careless about cleaning them.

The dishwasher uses hot water to extensively clean any cookware; you might want to be careful what you put in there because extremely hot water can be very damaging to them.

Therefore, the wooden materials are quite prone to breaking down after coming in contact with extremely hot water. Sometimes they even start warping when the temperature is not appropriately balanced inside the device.

So, always avoid putting cleaning any wooden board or other things in the dishwasher if you don’t want to damage it for good. This way, you can make your kitchen last much longer after cleaning them.


12. Gold Colored Materials

Gold-colored materials are quite delicate, and in very little time, they can discolor when in contact with heavy cleaning agents. So, when it comes to these, you should try sticking to hand cleaning and using softer detergents or handwash to carry out the process.


Final Words

Therefore, when discussing the compatibility of the dishwasher with different products, it is essential for us to consider the construction of the product. That helps us stir clear from problems better.

When you’re asking, what can I put in the dishwasher? Following this article will be your first step. Since we already guided you through all the reasons compatibility may cause conflicts.

To avoid these conflicts, you should refrain from putting everything inside the dishwasher for convenience. That will only cost you more money, and in the worst-case scenario, you might have to consider replacements.

So, try being mindful of what you use and use the setting which is good for the items that you intend to clean. Along with it, try noticing the cleaning agents you intend to use in the dishwasher.

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