Different Types of Espresso Makers You Should Check Now

It is true that mind becomes tedious by fussy corporate life. And indeed only a perfect steaming espresso can lift up our mind. Men’s taste changes over time. In spite of that, they still want that old taste of classic brewed coffee.

However, considering its demand, many machine companies offer a wide range of versatile espresso maker with improved engineering input. This article is featured about the functions and different types of espresso maker including how do espresso pots work and many more.

Want to treat yourself with an authentic taste of coffee at home? You should definitely check out these coffee makers types-.

The True espresso machine

The first true espresso machine group is undoubtedly the manual machines. Since modern machines are the mimesis of human but if coffee that is not made by a human touch it loses its true essence. That's why manual espresso maker has been holding its reputation for making the finest coffee of all time.

For a non-commercial purpose, it is favourable to have a manual espresso machine. Semi-automatic machines are also preferable. However, semi-automatic and super automatic espresso machines are used for business purpose simultaneously.

How to choose the right Espresso Maker? Well, if you want to make coffee just at home, there's one kind of espresso machines. However, if you are going to start your own café there's another kind of machines.

I’m going to acquaint you with some of the espresso machines which will help you to buy your ideal espresso machine.

So let’s start for the others type-

Lever espresso machine

The mainstream of manual espresso maker is lever espresso machine. There’s a spring set beneath the lever. When it is pushed down, the spring compressed the air inside. It includes a steamer and a porta filler.

First, grind the coffee beans and pour them into porta filler. Manually tamp the ground coffee and attach it to the brewing compartment. By pushing down the lever, it creates a vacuum to pull water from the steaming compartment to the brewing chamber.

So as you can see, this machine just does the work of pumping hot water from one chamber to another. And the rest of it, is in your hand.

Lever espressos is a single serve coffee maker. And it takes a bit more time to steam and brew. So, it is wise to use it at home. Not in cafés.

You can find different lever espresso machines at a reasonable price. Price may vary from brand to brand. But you can get the best machine under your budget.

Semi-automatic espresso machine

An espresso machine comes with partly manual features and partly automatic features.

This type of espresso maker doesn’t have any manual lever system. It has built-in compression and decompression system. But for this model, you have to buy a grinder as well. And also it includes versatile features. Varieties of semi-automatics have two boiler systems. It can froth milk and brew coffee at the same time. Some models even mix them together.

First, grind coffee bean before putting water in the boiler. Pour ground coffee into the pressurized portafilter. Well, when it comes to a pressurized portafilter, it means that it won't release any coffee before reaching the right pressure. So, you can call it pressurized portafilter espresso maker.

However, After you attached the portafilter to the brewing chamber just turn on the switch and your coffee will be ready in minutes.

Price will vary from brand to brand here also. As semi-automated machines are more versatile than the lever espresso maker, it will cost you more than lever espresso machines. By the way, you dont have to be master on espresso coffee recipe, if you own this machine.

Pump-driven espresso machines

Pump driven machine is the modified version of lever espresso machine. The difference is, it is automated. This is the only difference between lever espresso machine vs pump-driven espresso machine.

It may look similar to other semi-automatic espresso machines, but on the inside, it's as same as a lever espresso. In a pump-driven espresso machine, hot steam pumps water from boiling chamber. It has a boiling system as well as a steaming system like semi-automated machines. But they don't work simultaneously.

Pour freshly ground coffee on the port filler and turn on the switch. Wait for some minutes and your espresso will be ready. If you would like to make a cup of latte, then there is frothing system included for you.

After you made your espresso wait for 15-30 seconds and turn on the steamer. Insert your glass of milk and after a minute, it will come out as finely whipped cream.

Coming to the price of pump-driven espresso, I would say that it won't much vary from the semi-automatic espresso maker. Because their features are more or less the same.

Stovetop espresso maker

This model is my favourite. I kept it for the last. Well, this is the miniature version of a pump-driven espresso machine. It's also called espresso pot/ moka pot.  It has two parts. Bottom pot works as a water chamber and upper pot works as an espresso chamber with a brewing funnel in the centre.

Put water into the lower chamber. Place the porta filler funnel on the top. Pour it with ground coffee. This is brew compartment of coffee maker. Do not tamp the coffee. Place the top pot over it. Left it on the stove until the water become bubbly boiled.

So what happens inside is the steam that is created inside the lower pot starts to go up. And on its way, it pulls up the water through the brewing compartment and brewing funnel and ends up into the espresso compartment. Easy right? 

For its miniature design, it can serve once at a time. Underrated but best coffee machine for home and kitchen. You can find here- best stovetop espresso maker at a reasonable price.


If you want to practice the true art and technique of making espresso or want to open a small café you know everything about a lever espresso maker, a semi-automatic espresso maker and a pump-driven espresso maker. And knowing about how do espresso pots work can make your coffee making process will become easy.

You surely know which one is best for your need. And if you want to have a strong shot of espresso relaxing on your couch, then there's nothing better than an espresso pot.

Keep your coffee machine clean for its longevity.    

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