5 Best Ideas on How To Use a Blender At Home

Processing foods and spices were never so easier before blenders. And now, there are immense and innovative usage of blender like making smoothies, fresh fruit juice, soup, salsa and many more.

In this article, I'll be telling you the most effective uses of hand blender and 5 best ideas on how to use a blender at home. So, let’s dive in!

How does a blender work?

Have you ever thought about how to make fresh juice or newish grind spices in minutes?

Well, a simple science behind it is a tornado! When you blend something a small tornado takes place inside the blending pot.

A large amount of torque is transferred to the blade through the motor. When the blade is turned on, a centrifugal force creates. This force pulls in the food towards the blade. The blade flings the food from the side after crushing them into small pieces. It takes less than a second to complete cycle. And after a minute, the food is scattered into millions and billions of pieces

Watch the video below to better understand on how does a blender work?

Ninja Blender vs Regular Blender

Maintaining its versatility, blender industry is rapidly moving forward to innovative blenders like ninja blenders. These blenders are way ahead of regular blenders. So, let's see the the difference between ninja blender vs regular blender-

Here’s why:


Ninja blenders come with a range of cups that can be used for multiple actions. And they are comparatively smaller than the regular blender jugs.

Which means these cups consume less space than regular blenders.


Regular blender motors rpm capacity stars up to 23,000 but since it has gigantic jugs, a bulk of energy gets lost through the jug. But smaller blending cups doesn’t eat up much energy.

Ninja blender has a motor of 25,000 to 35,000 RPM capacity. And most of them assemble to break your food into pieces.

Cleaning process

Classic blender has its blade attached to it. So it is hard to wash the blade all the way up here. There is a possibility to cut your skin too. However, ninja blenders have detachable blade system, which makes cleaning easy. And they offer varieties of blades for different actions. So in one cup, you can make multiple actions. To clean ninja blenders you only need hot water and soap.


If blender has a large container and comparatively less horsepower in the motor, the output won't be satisfactory. It's the major drawback of a regular blender. However, ninja blenders have more than double horsepower in motors than the cup capacity.  That's why ninja blenders are fast like ninjas!

Ninja blenders are more versatile and powerful than regular blenders. It saves lots of your time. If you are thinking of switching your old blender of buying a new blender. Choosing ninja blenders is a clever step. You can find the best ninja blender within your budget and ensuring high performance from it.

5 Best Ideas to Use a Blender

There are lots of ideas to use a blender at home. A blender can help you perform every blending process you need for any kind of recipe. So, how to use a blender to juice? Or how to use a blender to make a smoothie? The answers are bellow.

Give yourself a juicy blast

We all want a fresh start of the day. And there is no alternative to start with fresh fruit juice. Speaking of which, using blender to make juice is a clever idea. You just have to put small slices of fruit followed by water and give it a blend for 30-45 seconds. Though people have juicers but yet juicers don't give better output like blenders. Besides, juicers are slow.

  • Fulfil your daily nutrition by a smoothie-treat

In our daily life, we all remain so busy that we don't even get time to eat proper vegetables and fruit that we need. The easy solution is to make a green smoothie and fruit smoothie. Use a blender to make smoothies even better.

It crushes all the little fibre and extracts out every vitamins and nutrient. The most interesting part of smoothies is, they contain most of the fruit and vegetable and a little bit of water. That means there are tons of nutrients waiting to energies you.

To make green smoothies, put green veggies in the blender. To add consistency add fruits like banana, mango. Put a little amount of water and give it a blend for 30-45 seconds. Your smoothie is ready to drink!

  • Homemade baby-food

Nowadays, it's hard to manage life for a working mother. They have to maintain their home, baby and work simultaneously. Save both time and money by making food for your baby using a blender.

You can make peach, apple, pear and many other fruit purees including vegetable purees for your baby. Rinse the fruit/veggie and boil them in the water for 1-2 minutes. Peel of the skin if necessary and put them into the blender. Give it a nice and smooth blend. You can store them in the refrigerator and feed your baby from time to time.

  • Ready breakfast in no time

In a fix to prepare a grand breakfast for lots of people? Don’t worry! Easy recipe- Scramble eggs. Want to save time?? Put the eggs into your blender. Make a bubbling juice of eggs. Put them into frying pan. Voila! Fulfil the appetize of your guests.

  • You can do it without beater

To add a frosting on the top of your hosting, making a cake in the desert is a common idea. Some people drop it because they don't have a professional baker kit. Well, to make a cake you don't need any of that. You can make the batter even you if don't have a beater or batter mixer.

Pour the dry batter little by little and add a small portion of milk and eggs. Each time blend it for 20-30 seconds. After blending everything pour the mixer to baking pan and straight to the oven.


You can make everything that mentioned above using a blender. Just you have to know the uses of hand blender properly. A powerful blender can save you a lot of time leaving your good impression among people. So, glow from the heart and skin. Stay happy!

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