How to Make Pancakes on a Griddle

Making pancakes are so easy that you will be surprised to know that. You can make pancakes by mixing some must-have ingredients on a griddle. So, here is all the thing you should know on how to make pancakes on a griddle..

The Recipe for Making Pancakes

griddle pancakes recipe is simple-

You need milk, eggs and a batter of flour on a preheat griddle. Adding baking powder is also important here. This powder will make the pancake fluffy by rising it. It is also necessary to add some sugar and salt to the batter.

Know about the Griddle

A griddle can be a helpful thing to have while making pancakes. Because a griddle is plain and contains no sides. This makes it facile to slide the spatula, which is underneath the pancakes, to turn over.

Griddles which are electric can be helpful because an electric griddle temperature can be set to a particular point and it stays there after you set up, which is emergent. Hence, such griddles are the best griddle pan for pancakes. For its simple operating feature, cooking pancakes on electric griddle is easier and a beginner should use an electric griddle,

You can use a stainless steel, aluminum, or cast iron griddle as well. And if you have a high budget, then a copper griddle could be a great option.

Skillet or wok can be an alternative to the griddle but you have to keep in mind that it will harder when to flip pancakes. Still, using those are a good idea as you can make room for more pancakes in a wider area.


How to Make Perfect Pancake on a Griddle

There are some basic steps to follow in order to make the perfect pancake with a griddle. If you have the question of how to make perfect pancakes with pancake mix, I would say you should use a griddle. Here are the steps that will guide you through the making process with a griddle.

Mixing the Ingredients or Using a Mix

While mixing the ingredients you need to be extra careful on the egg. Because the yolk can be mixed easily but the white part is where the problem starts.

If you don't stir firmly, then the white part may not mix nicely with the batter. And so, the pancake won't be good enough when you bake. So you have to be careful about this part. Alternatively, you can use a Mix. thus, you can make fluffy pancakes.

Getting the Griddle Ready

After making the mix, preheat the griddle up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Keep in mind that griddle heat for pancake is first and foremost job. Don't think about how long to preheat griddle but the temperature. You can use kitchen thermometer to measure that given temperature. You should pour some butter on the griddle before you pour the batter on it. But at first, pour some water and make the surface of the griddle non-sticky.

Pouring Batter on the Griddle

When your griddle reaches the required temperature you are ready to pour the batter. Before pouring it, carefully use some butter on the griddle. After that, pour the batter firmly and wait and observe the pancakes edges.

Now the question is- when to flip pancakes?

When the edges of pancakes seem crispy,then flip it and wait for the other side to get crispy as well

Another Question is- how long to cook pancakes?.

It may take around 10 minutes. but don't go with the time but color. When you see the surface getting brown your pancake is ready.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making Pancakes

Pancake is a perfect item for your breakfast. It is easy to make. By following some easy steps you will get a crispy and soft pancake for breakfast.

But, often it becomes imperfect because of mistakes when making pancakes. You must avoid them.


You will not get your desired pancake because of over mixing pancake batter. Mix the flour until the damp and dry ingredients are joint. Make the batter of the pancake lumpy. And that is enough.

If you overmix the batter instead of getting a smooth texture, you will have a hard and ticklish pancake.

Not Resting the Batter

To make a perfect batter for your pancake you must wait for sometimes. Otherwise, the starch molecules inside the flour will not be able to absorb by the fluid of the batter.

If you don’t let the batter rest for some time. You will miss the thicker consistency of the pancake.

Not making the Pan Enough Hot

A perfect pancake looks buttery-crispy from outside and fluffy and soft from inside.

But if you begin to cook the pancake using a not enough heated pan, the batter of the pancake will begin to drench up the oil and butter. And it will become greasy.

So, before pouring the batter into the pan make the pan medium hot. If you are not sure about the heat, test the pan by pouring little bit batter onto the pan. And get crispy and fluffy pancakes.

Excess Hit

Many people think that high heat helps to cook the pancake faster. But actually, it is responsible for the burning of the cake or doughy pancakes.

You need a hot pan to make the pancake. But it doesn’t mean that the pan should be overheated. So at the time of setting temperature make sure that the temperature doesn’t exceed than 375 degrees.

Because of excess heat, the external part of the pancake will be crispy but the internal part of the cake will remain raw and doughy.

So, to get a perfect golden brown internally cooked pancake set a medium temperature.

Flipping Quickly

Often you attempt the flipping of the pancake before perfect timing. It is totally wrong. It will break the shape of your pancake.

Most of the people flip the cake when bubble comes out from the pancake. They think that it is a write timing. But eventually not. You must take one minute more to have the perfect shape.

Flip the pancake only for once. Otherwise, it will be deflated. Moreover, you will not get the fluffy texture of the pancake because of moving it too soon.

Summary Line

All in all learned everything about the griddle pancakes recipe and how to make it on the griddle you can easily bake pancakes at home for a yummy breakfast.

Finally, I hope this guide is helpful for you.

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