How to Clean Carbon Steel Pan?

When it comes down to great functionality and non-stick capabilities, carbon steel pans are some of the bests. These products are designed with components that need special care during any cleaning process.


How to Clean Carbon Steel Pan

We will take you step by step through a list of measures that you can follow. You should definitely try to maintain that while cleaning carbon steel pan; otherwise, the surface of the pan won’t be able to maintain the integrity and last for a long time.


Step-1: Getting It Ready

Some people, when they intend to clean carbon pans, just put the pan in soapy water and start scrubbing everything off. But the thing about the non-stick surface is that they are quite easily prone to scratches.

However, those scratches are not only responsible for looking bad; they are also damaging when it comes down to retaining the non-stick functionality. Therefore, going hardcore on the surface is not exactly the right mode of action.


What You Need

cleaning carbon steel pan

So, you might want to try cleaning some of the stains and oils that are already on the surface of the pan since that will make the job easier, and you won’t exactly have to scrub too hard to get anything off.

The question is now, how am I supposed to that? Well, you can use two different things for that. One of them is paper kitchen tissues that are available in your kitchen.

Another one is a towel; those are larger in size, and it will help you clean more in very little time. If you’re wondering which one you should lean towards, well, that is entirely up to you.


Choose One

The good thing about paper kitchen tissue is that they are quite easy to use. Since these are disposable, you won’t exactly need to clean them afterward and can use a different one when they are dirty.

But for towels, you might have to clean them quite often if you want to use them again on another appliance.


Wipe It All Off

When it comes down to cleaning those bits of food and accumulated oil, you might want to be gentle with how you’re going to do that. Because otherwise, it might be damaging to the product.

Slowly wipe every bit of the surface and try cleaning out the burned food that is accumulating. The towel or tissue will absorb the accumulated oil and fat – making it easier for you to handle.


Step-2: Cleaning the Harder Bit

After you are done with some of the extra debris and oil, now comes the part that is a little harder to clean with a tissue or a towel. But you should still maintain a gentle posture.

If your pan has some burnt parts and stains that are stuck to the surface, you need to loosen them up first before thoroughly cleaning them out. You can use a little water to make the process easier for you.

You can soak the towel with a bit of water, too, so that you can use that towel to loosen some of the harder bits and clean them as quickly as you can. That will make things much easier for you.


Some of the Things to Avoid

But when you are trying to clean the debris, you should avoid using soap since that will have a hard reaction on the surface of the pan. Another important thing you need to try is avoiding a soaking bath.

Since too much water exposure and moisture is terrible for carbon pans, therefore try avoiding these things as much you can while you are cleaning the product.


What to Use While Cleaning

cleaning carbon steel pan with brushes

When you are finally cleaning out the stain and oil accumulation completely, you should use a soft sponge or a brush with softer bristles. Since it is a non-stick product, those will be more than enough.

You are not supposed to use too much water, so you can just use a little water, and that will be quite enough to make sure most of the stains are off the surface of the pan.


Watch the following video tutorial to learn how to clean carbon steel pans and skillets.


Step-3: Dry It Properly

Another really important thing is the washing process; you need to be very careful about drying it. You don’t want moisture to accumulate on the surface of the pan because that is quite damaging for the carbon.

After washing it with little water, you can wipe all the water with a dry towel or something you use to dry your dishes. Otherwise, you can just turn on the stove to dry the pan with its low heat.

But at the same time, make sure not to over-dry it because that might make it lose some moisture. That can be damaging to the non-stick feature of the pan.

Also, we would definitely suggest wiping the water off with a towel so that you won’t have to waste any gas for too long, and it will be much quicker for you to do. You won’t have to keep checking whether it is dried or not.


Final Thoughts

You can already notice that you need to make sure of a lot of things when you’re cleaning a non-stick carbon steel pan. Following these steps will help you get the answer on how to clean carbon steel pan.

These also apply in the case of other pans. Therefore, you should try making these processes your standard cleaning procedure. That will be better for the appliances you use and help them retain their longevity.

You are probably paying a good amount of money to get pans that will help you cook better, and non-stick pans are essential for most cooks. Therefore, following these simple steps will help you get all the complicated stains out from it.

Moreover, non-stick surfaces are much easier to handle since, from them, you can easily get any stain out without needing to work too hard. So, these easy procedures are quite enough to maintain them.

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