Best Lump Charcoals Reviews 2022: Top 9 Recommended

Grilling is one of the most favorite forms of cooking in the world. Not only because it makes food delicious but also because it is a super easy process which doesn’t require special or expensive equipment. Grills provide the option to cook food faster and to take the cooking outside the kitchen and enjoy the process in the fresh air.

It also has its health benefits and is also makes a very nice opportunity for people to come together and have a nice time around the grill.  Grilling is a paradigm in itself and to some people it is a little more than just having some food burned over heat which brings about different preferences of how they want their food to be served.

The texture of the food can be affected by the different kinds of oven, different kinds of fuel and the various ways of heat management. The kind of oven preferred by most grillers is the charcoal grill and the kind of fuel most preferred is the lump charcoal. There is also a variety of lump charcoal found on the market and each of them brings about their own signature on the dish.

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Lump charcoal is taking over briquettes in the grills and smokers worldwide. Everybody is endorsing to this 100% natural source of fuel compared to briquettes which are adulterated by fillers and additives. Sourcing from Central American hardwood and cuttings, Fogo carefully selects by hand, the largest pieces for packaging of their Fogo Super Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal.

This bag of charcoal contains restaurant-grade lump charcoals suitable for Kamado style cookers and ceramic cookers. The lumps on this one emit an Oaky hardwood smoked flavor and it is 100% percent natural. The large size of the lumps is measured on an average of 4 inches each. These pieces of burnt wood help for a longer cook on the grill or smoker and they maintain an even heat as far as lump charcoals are concerned.

Fogo is a Portuguese word which means fire and this company has been catering to the preferences of serious and enthusiastic grillers who have an improved sense of quality. Many grillers have been switching to lump charcoal from briquettes due to lumps being absolutely organic and it has gained some popularity among grillers who are keen on not harming the environment and also their food.

With the Fogo Super Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal, customers will find a delicious Hardwood smoked flavor on their produce and because lump charcoal burns at a very hot temperature, this can be a very good choice for grillers. Compared to other brands of lump charcoal, Fogo has a lower maximum temperature but that is still a lot for grilling purposes and they are also dense which burns for a very long time. Some of the pieces might need to be broken down before being thrown into the grill.


  • Thick pieces of lump charcoal which burns for a long time
  • Great Hardwood smoked flavor


  • Some bags of charcoal may have too much dust and small pieces

2. Kamado Joe, KJ-CHAR, Lump Charcoal

Kamado Joe exceeds expectations in giving the fundamental flame broiling accomplices to upgrade your patio BBQ encounter. The Big Block charcoal is produced using substantial, vast pieces hardwood so it consumes slower and brings about a very hot temperature. This package contains 20 pounds of charcoal which is completely natural.

The charcoal is produced using a mix of hardwood trees, adding a unique hardwood charcoal flavor to the food being grilled and smoked on a ceramic grill, preferably a Kamado grill. Kamado Joe lump charcoal burns for a longer period of time with a lot of heat, which enables food to be cooked at temperatures over 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is perfect for steakhouse-style burning and searing. This fuel is what gives rib-eyes and different steaks that signature sizzle off the flame grill.

This charcoal can likewise be reused by just including a little measure of crisp charcoal to the current one, making it an effective fuel for your grill. Kamado Joe 100 percent natural lump charcoal is the preference of expert and professional culinary experts around the globe. Make a point to never utilize lighter liquid or oil based flammable liquids with the charcoal in your barbecue grill, as it might add an unwanted taste to your food.

This is the best lump charcoal out there. With its durability on the grill, it can cater to the grilling of various ingredients starting from shrimp and chicken to beef and lamb of the most exquisite cuts. Each bag can be used for a few days of long grilling sessions and that is a remarkable statistic. The KJ-CHAR also adds a beautiful aroma to the food that it sears by emitting a beautiful robust wood-fire flavor to the produce and this pack of charcoal is very easy to light up and adjust.


  • Burns hot and long
  • Gives food a smoky wood flavor
  • Has a high maximum temperature of approximately 1000 degree Celsius


  • Not very suitable for quick grills

3. Royal Oak Premium Charcoal Briquets

Have an urge to call up your friends and family to have a barbeque all on a sudden but don’t have enough time to prepare a grill? No worries! The Royal Oak Lump Charcoal is here to take your dilemma away and help you put up a grill in just about 15 minutes!

The Royal Oak charcoal is a 100 percent all-natural charcoal which is made from renewable Oak, Hickory, Maple and Walnut hardwoods with absolutely zero chemicals and additives. Since it is made from natural product, this charcoal also produces very less smoke which is very good for the ecosystem.

This also helps in creating little mess on the utensils concerned and making them easier to clean in the process. It doesn’t need a lot of the Royal Oak Charcoal to start a nice and small fire enough to cook quite a few steaks.

The Royal Oak Lump Charcoal sears and cooks meat beautifully. The coal burns hotter and helps to lock in all the delicious flavors and juices of the meat with great finesse. There is also a very sweet wood-smoked aroma that sticks to the food while being cooked. This brand of charcoal does an amazing job in keeping up with the consistency through and through.

One of the biggest features of Royal Oak is that it can be made ready in about 15 minutes which is remarkable. Royal Oak also makes the charcoal for Big Green Egg grills which they then market under their own name. Another good trait of this charcoal is that it comes at a pretty tidy price which beats most of the other lump charcoal company at winning more customers.


  • Ready in about 15 minutes
  • Hotter and even burning for consistent grilling
  • Can be used for all grills


  • Some bags may contain more number of uneven pieces than the usual

4. Electric Charcoal Starter By Premium Products Perfect For Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe & Weber Kettle Grills

Premium Products unveiled a new product exclusively for Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe and Weber Kettle grill owners and it is an electric charcoal starter. Gone are the days of heavy duty lighter or flammable and also dangerous lighter fluids. Now it is possible to fire up your grill with a risk-free and hassle-free electric charcoal starter.

The electric charcoal starter that Premium Products came up with was a heating coil that gives off heat much like a lamp filament. Electricity flows through the coil and that energy is transferred into heat energy which eventually heats the charcoal up. This device is made especially for lump charcoals and it has made firing the grill very easy.  This is a Premium Products Corp Branded & Licensed product.

This Electric Charcoal Starter is very easy to use. It comes with an option of adjustable height which means you can toggle between a wide range of heights depending on the size of your grill. This product is geared by a 600-watt strong power supply which makes fire without fire in a very short time. The charcoal starter weighs 1.3 pounds and its package dimension is 17.6 x 6.1 x 4.8 inches.

Lump charcoal is what this product is best for but it can also heat up charcoal briquettes. In case of different grills, more customers have most appreciated its usage on ceramic grills although it works fine for the rest. This device comes with a 1-year warranty which is pretty neat. So, even if you don’t own any of the Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe or Weber Kettle grills, you still can go for this Electric Charcoal Starter.


  • No need for dangerous lighter liquid
  • 120V-600 Watt & UL approved


  • Need to have electricity supply close at hand

5. Authentic Kishu Charcoal – XL for 3 Gal. Jugs.

The Authentic Kishu Charcoal has come up with a rectification of the one and only drawback of their product which was the packaging. Previously, it was bagged in a woven plastic sack which made it a little inconvenient for customers while trying to pour charcoal into their coal.

There were many complaints that it left them with a messy aftermath. So, here they are, with their improved packaging with a more durable, heavy kraft paper bag which contains the lump charcoal with a higher ration of large lumps and lesser dust or small pieces. This helps you to get a better burn out of the coal and also leaves with a very little waste.

Authentic Kishu Charcoal is a lump charcoal product which means it is definitely 100 percent natural. There are also no chemicals, additives or scrap wood. This lump charcoal is made from Quebracho Blanco tree and it leaves the food on the grill with a cleaner and unadulterated taste.

The Authentic Kishu Charcoal is a restaurant-grade product catered to customers seeking for a richer and cleaner flavor in their grills. This is a outstanding lump charcoal which doesn’t create smoke or sparks. There is also very little ash residue and for its superior quality it leaves the utensils and grills for a pretty simple and easy cleanup.

Quebracho Blanco literally means “axe breaker” and its wood definitely lives up to its name as it is so dense that its charcoal burns at a very high temperature which makes a really consistent grilling. It also burns for a really long time, almost as three times as long as the regular charcoal. This wood also makes a smooth and mild-smoky flavor that doesn’t overpower the food.


  • Improved bag: very durable heavy kraft paper bag
  • Mild smoky flavor doesn’t overpower the taste of the food


  • Mild flavor of the charcoal isn’t preferred by many who enjoy a strong smell of charcoal on food

6. General's Drawing Chunks charcoal,Black

The brand name of this General's Drawing Chunks charcoal, Black. It is produced using completely natural hardwood and it promises you of the best and top notch meat. The pieces of charcoal are cut into a neat size for simple use with most grills and smokers available.

The pieces burn really quickly and however blazes gradually to preserve the warmth and the heat of the charcoal. It produces comparatively more smoke than most charcoal but still not a large amount. That level of smoke is still considered eco-friendly.

It, furthermore won't influence the utensils, the grill, or make the smoker excessively grimy. The quality charcoal gives the steak, loin, veggies and different aroma and a decent smoky taste. The charcoal doesn't have any added substances or chemicals.

The package comes in a 9.6 ounces packet and the material of the packet is heavy duty Kraft papers which is very convenient to pour charcoal out from. Since, there is no adulteration to the charcoal by chemicals, fillers or additives there is no off-taste or bad flavor that the charcoal releases on to the food or into the air when it burns.

This charcoal burns hot and very fast to sear a kind of wood-smoked fragrance into the food’s flavor. This can be lit by using electrical charcoal starter and dangerous lighter fluid is not a compulsory. The General's Drawing Chunks charcoal has an added feature of being comparatively more affordable.


  • 100% natural hardwood lump charcoal
  • Burns hot and fast to sear in the food’s flavor


  • Creates more smoke and ash than the other lump charcoal brands

7. Char-Broil Center Cut Lump Charcoal, 11 lb

Char-Broil Center Cut Lamp Charcoal is manufactured by Black Diamond. This charcoal is made from 100% natural hardwood and ensures a very clean-burning while on the grill. The hardwood which is to be processed into Char-Broil Charcoal is very carefully selected. Only the center-cut hardwood is used for this and all the limbs, bark and binders are filtered away.

Due to this, the charcoal cleans very neatly and doesn’t deposit ash residue or create smoke. An amount of 3 percent of maximum ash is ensured by the brand for simpler use and dependable results. The average lump size in the package is 3-inch.

The red meat, chicken, shrimp, vegetables and all other ingredients will be cooked thoroughly and taste better when this lump charcoal is used. It arrives in a neat pack for convenience and is also among the most simple and least demanding to light. While it delivers high warmth and temperature, it doesn't get consumed too quickly and this limits wastage which guarantees that you utilize the insignificant sum.

On top of quick heating, it continues with its uniform heating all through and this cooks the food very nicely. There are a few charcoals that create sparks while burning but the Char-Broil Center Cut Lump Charcoal is produced with utmost care so that wood sparks and dirty smoke or grime doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth.


  • 100% Natural and Organic product
  • Made from Center-cut Hardwood only
  •  Environment friendly
  • Burns very thoroughly and spreads quickly


  • Some bags may contain more number of uneven pieces than the usual
  • Not suitable for all grills and stoves

8. Original Natural Charcoal - 100% Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoals

There is no need to endure excessive smoke because of low-quality lump charcoal. Also, it is not worth it clearing after a lot of smoke. Additionally, the meat shouldn't taste weird and feel too dry. To combat these problems there is a huge necessity of a professional-grade lump charcoal. This item called the Original Natural Charcoal is extremely popular for its quick and powerful burn, easy lighting and preserving the food values.

Then, there's the astonishing smoky flavor to die for. The charcoal gets consumed very gradually yet creates good amount of warmth for the ideal steak, pork loin, ham, and vegetables too. It doesn't leave heaps of sediment on the flame grill or smoker and furthermore keeps nature clean since it creates little fiery debris.

This lump charcoal is produced from 100% natural hardwood. There is a super blend of the wood of Apple, Cherry and Oak Trees. Original Natural Charcoal has the capability of lighting up real quick and produces zero smoke, sparks and minimum ash.

A very intimidating feature of this charcoal is that it can be set up in about 5 minutes which is truly remarkable. The flame grill created by this brand infuses a beautiful aroma of a sweet, warm and fruity flavor to the produce. This helps the meat to contain the succulent juices and keep it packed with flavor along with the fruity touch it creates.


  • Be ready in about 5 minutes
  • 100% Natural and environment-friendly
  • Minimum ash, no smoke and no sparks


  • Consistency of the flame is little hard to control

9. Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes
  • Coconut Shell Charcoal a eco-friendly and renewable resource

Your steak and different sorts of meat will taste better when barbecued or cooked utilizing this lump charcoal. The packaging is a durable kraft paper packet for simple utilization and accommodation of the charcoal. It also helps the charcoal to deliver high warmth. There is a genuine quickness in which the charcoal lights up and starts burning.

It also keeps up this reliable and consistent heat through and through. The fire should be supervised now and then. It doesn't need much charcoal to provide a good heat and also the amount of ash residue is very minimal. Because of not burning too quickly, its tidy nature makes cleaning the barbecue, smokers, and grills a very easy task. The 20-pound sack lasts for quite a long period compared to the other brands of lump charcoal.

The Rockwood Lump Charcoal is completely organic with no added fillers, scrap wood or binders. Therefore, there is no discharge of chemical smell when the charcoal starts burning. This charcoal is manufactured from Missouri hardwood which is mainly comprised of Oak & Hickory along with Maple and Pecan. This blend of different types of wood has the charcoal release a beautiful a fragrance onto the food that’s being grilled. This also adds to the texture and flavor of the food.


  • Completely organic with no added chemicals, fillers or additives.
  • Blend of Oak, Hickory, Maple and Pecan makes the charcoal release beautiful aroma
  • Minimum ash, no sparks and no smoke


  • The fire is a little hard to manage
  • Doesn’t suit all kinds of grills

Here is the short video of charcoals recipe.

Things to consider before deciding on a specific type of charcoal

There are many different types of lump charcoal on the market to choose from and since charcoal plays a vital role in shaping up the produce, a lot of attention is required to be put in before coming to a decision.

Charcoal flavors the food and each kind of charcoal imparts a unique taste to the food and so it should be considered as any other ingredient. There are a lot of factors to be considered and assessed regarding charcoals like how it is produced, what kind of wood was transformed into the said charcoal and how it is packaged. 

  • Hardwood makes the best charcoal

Hardwoods are produced by angiosperm trees which have broad leaves. The wood on these trees are very dense which makes very good quality charcoal because it burns lighter and slower. The trees are marked during the summer and then later cut down in the winter. The logs are then allowed to dry for a required amount of time for them to be the adequate kind of wood to be converted into charcoal.

  • Size of the charcoal pieces

The uniformity of the charcoal pieces matters a great deal and ought to be checked before they are thrown in to the grill to burn. If the pieces are of the same size, it can hold the grill at a consistent temperature. Sometimes, the charcoal packs are defected which means, a pack might hold a substantial amount of chipped charcoal or dust which kind of cheats the customer in a way as the dust is basically useless.

  • Purity of the charcoal

The purity of the charcoal must be ensured. Sometimes, additives or fillers are added to charcoal packages to make it burn well and consistently. This takes away the genuineness of the product because the reason grillers prefer lump charcoal is mainly because it is 100% wood converted into charcoal which has a great deal to do with the flavor of the food. Due to additives and fillers, the charcoal gives off a bad smell and can negative effects on the nutrition level of the food.

Lump Charcoal Vs Charcoal Briquettes

Lump charcoal is made by burning wood without oxygen and briquettes are basically charcoal which are crushed and pulverized before being processed with corn starch and other flammable additives. The advantages of using briquettes are its reliability, availability and that it’s cheap.

Briquettes have a consistent burning capability which is achieved by adding additives or fillers. Due to the mixing of fillers, this is not as organic as lump charcoal and can give off unwanted smells. On the other hand, lump charcoal is as natural as it gets. It is charcoal in its purest form and since it’s directly made by just burning wood, it’s completely organic.

Lump charcoal burns quickly and at a very higher temperature compared to that of briquettes. There is also less production of ash and the temperature is easier to adjust for grillers who are acquainted with it and which means according to passionate grillers, lump charcoal is preferred over briquettes.

Final Verdict

In order to get the right suit for you, please make sure that you can specify the needs you want to fulfill with the lump charcoal. The type of food you will be cooking and prefer will depend on the quality of the charcoal. If unsure, take up our suggestion of giving Royal Oak 195228021 Lump Charcoal a try. You can use this charcoal for any type of grill you have at home and not only that, you will instantly fall in love with the beautiful flavor it will provide to your grills, so go ahead, make the purchase and impress your taste buds with your next grilled item!

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