10 Best Electric Woks for 2022 – High Quality & Professional Selections

Cooking for some people is a work of art and for some it is a form of meditation. And if you are new to the world of cooking then you need a few essentials - a good electric wok is one of them.

Woks have been in use since the ancient times, but under the demands of the modern world, a best electric wok can make your life much easier.

You can try out a range of different recipes with a quality electric wok at your side. Try anything from stir-frying, boiling, steaming and braising your meals to perfection with your trusted wok.

The problem you may face if you go to buy a wok is that you will find yourself looking at dozens of different woks in the market.

So, the question is, what is the best electric wok to buy?

To help you out, we have created a small compilation of electric woks reviews along with its alternative electric skillet reviews.

It is worth buying in terms of their durability, usage and quality. Go ahead and read on the review section and some electric wok tips and suggestions before you venture out to purchase your very own cooking utensils.

Comparison on Top 10 Best Electric Woks for 2022

Reviews on 10 Best Electric Woks and Skillet for 2022

1. Presto Stainless Steel Electric Wok by Supernon: Best Rated Electric Wok 

This beautiful electric wok is easy to use and easy to clean. It has a 1500-watt power which ensures that the temperature can reach its maximum level at a fast and steady speed/rate.

The Presto Stainless Steel electric wok also has an aluminum base which helps to evenly distribute the heat to all areas of the wok so that your food cooks evenly from all sides. It has a dimension of 17 x 14 x 9.5 inches. Enough space to make food for a small family to a big family.

So, you can Rely on the wok to that will give you the best quality service whenever there is a lot of food to be cooked at one go . Because the product designed to solve your that purpose.

The wok is easy to carry because of the long side-looped handles which makes it easy to hold while hot. The tempered glass cover keeps all the steam inside the pot brewing with the food and helping to enhance the taste of your recipes. That is a must have criteria to be a best rated electric wok.

Indeed, this is a great product to complete any kind of electric wok recipe, such as, preparing your stir-fry meal.

However, keep in mind that this wok is not non-sticky and therefore you have to be careful while cooking.so, there is  chance of food burn if you are not conscious enough. But even, if a little amount food get burn, it is very easy to clean.

Let's have a look on the section pros and cons of Presto electric wok review to know its potential in short.


  • A metal wok spatula included
  • Can be cleaned out with warm water
  • Highest temperature is 400 degrees


  • The base of the wok gets a little too hot
  • Might require an extra extension cord for set up

2. Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok

If you want something to add more personality to the appearance of your kitchen then this is probably one product that will impress you a lot. The beautiful and sleek electric metal wok by Aroma Housewares is a classic must-have item.

It has a dome-shaped design which is curved convexly to allow better heat circulation within the pan so that the food cooks in its own natural flavors and turns out more delicious every time. The surface of the pan has a non-stick coating which makes cooking an effortless task and definitely saves you from the hassle of rough cleaning.

The Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok black metal wok comes a size of AEW-305 at 7Q, although there are other sizes available in the market. Choose the one you require and never be short of cooking space again. The pot has a capacity of 5 quart and it comes with a temperature dial control that can range from 1-10 settings.

You can sauté, simmer, stir-fry your food with this versatile wok and also warm up cold food according to your individual needs. When you buy this product you will also find a tempura rack, free wooden chopsticks (long) and a steam rack so that you have more options to experiment cooking with this pot at home.


  • Excellent heat retention
  • A full-range temperature control
  • Cool-touch handles and base


  • The dial of the temperature is too close to the hot bowl
  • The temperature display is placed under the edge of the bowl

3. Aroma Housewares AEW-306 5-Quart Electric Wok

This product makes stir-frying at home so easy thatyou will no longer need to order food from outside when you can prepare healthy and delicious meals at home with ease. This pot can handle steaming, braising, tempura, and a lot more as long as you have the recipe for it!

The coating is non-stick which helps to cook without the risk of the food sticking on the surface of the pot. The dome-shaped pot holds in heat and steam and helps to distribute the heat equally throughout the pan. The dimensions of the pot are 7.9 x 14.2 x 15.4 inches and this provide a huge volume for you to cook any of your favorite modern and traditional dishes.

The lid is made with a large transparent glass which lets you peek into the pot and check the progress of your dish from time to time. When storing the pot away, just detach the base and put it into the dishwasher for an easy and thorough clean-up.

With this purchase you will also receive free gifts of cooking chopsticks, a tempura rack and a steam rack so that newer and more delicious recipes can be tried and tested on this easy-to-use pot.


  • Good construction of the pot
  • Good range of temperature


  • The glass lid is of a poor quality
  • The Teflon covering peels off after some few months of use

4. Aroma Housewares ASP-137B Grillet 3Qt: Kitchen Electrics Woks

If you prefer to cook some simple meals and have your kitchen neat and tidy then this small 3 Quart Electric Wok is what you need. You can cook any kind of dish with this regardless of whether you need something boiled or fried.

One of the best things about this electric wok is that it does not soak up any oil. So, you will really need to use a very small amount of oil to cook those delicious and healthy dishes. Cooking at home can be an unpleasant ordeal but when you have such a simple easy to use and easy to clean item at hand, it will seem like a piece of cake to you. 

You have temperature controls which will allow you to adjust to a particular temperature and leave your food cooking while you finish up some other work in the kitchen. With the indicator lights for the temperature, you will find that cooking will not seem to be such a tiring task after all.

If you are someone who has just started learning to cook then you should definitely get this wok because the interior of the pan is stainless steel and the coating is non-stick which means that the food will not stick to the surface of the pan and require hours of extensive cleaning.


  • Excellent for making small meals
  • Even heat distribution


  • The plug is not detachable, which makes cleaning with water a hazardous task

5. Presto National IND 06858 16" Slim Line Skillet Electric Inch, Black

Presto 06858 Slimline Skillet with Glass Cover Electric, 16 Inch, Black
  • Roasts, fries, grills, stews, bakes, makes casseroles and one-dish meals. Luxurious tempered glass cover. Deluxe nonstick surface inside and out
  • Handy for every meal. Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and entertaining. Low profile design makes it ideal for buffet-style serving
  • Convenient! Big 16/inch pan has high sidewalls for extra cooking and serving capacity, plus it's more efficient than a range burner or over. Heavy cast...
  • Fully immersible with the heat control removed. Control Master heat control maintains the desired temperature automatically

Skillets are great for roasting, frying, grilling, baking and also for making one-dish meals. So if you want a simple life of healthy yet delicious food, then a skillet is definitely going to be your friend in need. However, there are many types on the market to choose from.

When looking for an option, consider getting the Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet which is an industry standard in beautiful devices for the kitchen. It has a built-in spout which also doubles up as a spoon holder. For easy cleaning and storing, the base and the high sidewalls can be detached and can be kept compactly inside the pan when not in use.

This one comes in a big size of 16 inches and the dimensions are about 12.25 x 19.25 x 6.75 inches. Therefore, you can also cook big meals for more people at once and also store away neatly when the guests are all gone. Although, you can continue to use it regularly even without the extra people to cook for and then store your dishes for later because the skillet is way more efficient than a regular burner or an oven.

It has a tempered glass cover for safety purposes and special handles which never heat up. All in all, this skillet will serve to make your life much easier and help you cook a range of delicious dishes everyday without any of the kitchen hassle of rough cleaning.


  • Both the skillet and the cover have heat-control removed for safe dishwashing
  • Foldable handles and separable base
  • Convenient for storage and cleaning
  • Energy efficient- only 120 volts, 60 Hz required


  • Uneven heating
  • Average implementation

6. Proctor Silex 38526 Electric Skillet

The Proctor Silex 38526 Electric Skillet makes your life easier by letting you cook without turning on the range. The skillet heats up fast and has an even heat distribution system which lets the pan last longer by preventing hot spots. This skillet can handle light to heavy-duty tasks from making breakfast bacon to cooking pork chops for dinner.

It has an adjustable heat regulatory system which covers temperatures of 200 degree-Fahrenheit (warm) to 400 degree-Fahrenheit (hot) and this will allow you to use it to keep food warm and also to make delicious fried dishes. When you have this skillet, cooking becomes a fun and easy task. Just set the desired temperature on the settings and watch for the light on the temperature control to go out; when it does, know that your skillet is ready for use.

With this device, you get 144 square inches of cooking surface so that cooking meals for your big group of family and friends is easier. Cleaning is easy due to the non-sticky pan surface and the removable temperature control of the skillet. You only need hot soapy water to clean the lid and the skillet and if you have a dishwasher then you can save time and work by putting the skillet right into it for cleaning.


  • Heat adjustable
  • Handles always stay cool
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Vent on the glass lid to let steam out


  • Inaccuracy in temperature controls

7. CHEFMAN 3-IN-1 Versatile Indoor Grill Pot & Skillet - Slow Cook

The 3 in 1 CHEFMAN Indoor Grill Pot and Skillet is your best bargain if you a person with a diverse interest in cooking and eating. From hot, hearty to healthy meals – this versatile grill pot can do it all very easily. There is a removable temperature control knob adjusted to it which will take the temperatures up to 450 degrees.

The pot is made with cast aluminum which helps to distribute the heat evenly all through the base and help the food to cook evenly from all sides. The pot comes in a big size and can hold the meal for a big group of people.

CHEFMAN 3-IN-1 Versatile Indoor Grill Pot & Skillet - Slow Cookhas 10 inches of non-stick cooking surface and a depth of 3-quarts, which makes more options of cooking available- like grill, slow-cook, steam, stir fry, and more.

The grilled surface is a bit raised and this allows all the flavors to collect in the cooking surface and thus brings up all the different essences of the food. Although the interior is not non-stick, the pot has dishwasher-safe parts which make the cleaning all the more easy- all you will need is warm water and a cloth.


  • Easy to clean and work with
  • Can serve big groups
  • Lot of free goodies included in the package
  • Approved with advanced safe technology


  • The cooking surface is rigged

8. Sonya ShabuShabu Hot Pot Electric Mongolian Hot Pot

Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Electric Mongolian Hot Pot W/DIVIDER
  • Faster heating with larger power: 1500W,5.3 Quart/5 L capacity to satisfy family needs in most formats
  • Removable cooking pots for convenient use
  • Anti-skid feet to keep the pot sits evenly / ETL Listed for safety
  • First-class welding finished internal divider to provide you the benefit to enjoy hotpot with two different flavors

This electric Mongolian hot pot comes with an internal divider which allows it to cook two different recipes in one pot. So, save time and electricity with this hot pot and make food for a small group of two or a bigger group of six people all at once.

The pot has a fast heating capacity that supports a large power of 1500 watts to heat up the food quickly and efficiently. This pot has the capacity to hold about 5L of food for the family. The bottom of the pot has special anti-skid feet which lets the pot remain stable on the stove and prevents accidental spills. This pot is also UL approved for safety.

The material of the pot is stainless steel and it has a diameter of 30 cm. the pot has 4 levels of temperature which allows it to be used for a variety of dishes ranging from small boiled meals to big dinner party grills. The handles are heat resistant and easy to hold. However, before buying, the company warns you that there might be a leakage problem if you too much water is put into only side of the pot. For an equal distribution of heat and brewing of flavors, make sure that equal amount of liquid is put in both sides of the pot so that the pressure difference is not too big as to cause any leakages.


  • Easy 2-in-1 meals
  • Good temperature control


  • The pot becomes too hot so you cannot keep it on a dining table

9. Liven Middle Size Electric Skillet, Electric Pan

Liven Electric Skillet, Electric Pan, Electric Hot Pot, Cast Aluminum Pot Body with Non-stick Surface Dia 26cm Depth...
  • 1. Available: This Shabu Shabu Hot Pot is available for 1-5persons,diameter is 10.24 inches. Its capacity is 4L . Material: Cast aluminum alloy pot body...
  • 2. Multi-Functions: Big power 1500W, easy to cook dishes even if no gas, can fry, boil, steam, bake.4L capacity, suitable for 1~5persons, also is a good...
  • 3. Special Good Design: Glass can stand upright on the table, save space. Anti-hot bakelite handle of the pot body can avoid scalding. Tempered glass lid,...
  • 4. Good Accessories: Detachable power cord with three-speed fire adjustment. You can adjust the firepower according to different ingredients.

The body of the Liven Electric Skillet is a pan made with cast aluminum alloy with a non-stick coating on the cooking surface so that the body of the electric pan is thick and allows an even distribution of heat both at very low temperatures and at high temperatures. The elegant design of the pan will make it pleasant to look at in the kitchen and allows it to have a very efficient control on the mechanism of the cooking.

The most amazing thing is that you can use this pan even when there is no gas due to the big power of 1500 watts that the pan can withstand at any given time. This pan has a 4L capacity, which means that it can serve about 2 to 4 people at one go.

The special construction of the pot makes sure that the glass lid can be erected straight on the table to save time and space. The handles are made so that they never become too hot to be handled. The glass on the lid is tampered so that it is easier to monitor the food cooking inside.

Washing the pot is very easy but make sure that you detach the power plug and let the pot completely cool down before putting any soap or water on it. If you clean the electric pan manually, then opt to use a soft cleaning cloth rather than any harsh cleaning accessories that might leave scratches on the surface of the pot.


  • Capacity of 4L
  • 3 temperature control settings
  • Depth of the pot is 8.5 cm
  • Diameter of the pot is 30 cm


  • This particular size does not come with a food divider

10. Electric Skillet By Culina 18/10 Stainless Steel, Nonstick Interior

Electric Skillet By Cucina Pro - 18/10 Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Tempered Glass Lid and Handles, 12" Round,...
  • Crafted from polished 18/10 stainless steel, this elegant electric skillet is sure to be a favorite.
  • The large skillet is easily big enough to cook food for a family of four. The interior heats evenly and it will cook your meals quickly.
  • The CucinaPro Skillet comes with a temperature probe, which gives you total control over the cooking process and helps ensure meals turn out perfectly.
  • Tempered glass lid locks in heat and it allows you to see into the skillet as your food is cooking, making monitoring your progress very easy.

If you are tired of having to order in every time you want good food, then invest in a quality skillet that can do a multitude of tasks for you. This stainless steel electric skillet by Culina is a pan that will make anything from searing and sautéing to making breakfast seem a fun activity to you.

This product has a beautiful mirrored stainless-steel finish and an aluminum base which makes heat distribution easy and effortless for any kind of meals you prepare. The size of the pot is 12 inches only but it has a strong two-ply Whitford Eclipse coating which helps to make the cooking surface more efficient.

This pot is safe and easy to use for a number of reasons – the temperature settings have a range of 225 Fahrenheit to 425 Fahrenheit which means that this skillet will be able to cook all your different requirements with different recipes with ease.

It has a built-in light attached to the temperature controls which turns on and alerts the user whenever the skillet has warmed up to the temperature you set up for it. The non-sticky coating and the UL approved unit makes this skillet very easy to manage in the kitchen.


  • Glass lid allows the food to be viewed from outside
  • Made with high quality 18/10 stainless steel
  • The exterior will not get discolored over use
  • No hot spots- even distribution of heat


  • Angled plug falls out of socket

Here is the simple tricks of using Electric Wok

How to use a wok on an electric stove

To use a wok on an electric stove, you need to position the wok ring right on top of the coil that you want to use. When you place the wok on the coil, make sure that the wider portion of the ring is pointing upwards. What this will do is to give the round-bottomed wok more stability so that you can better on it.

If your wok ring is too large or too small to fit the circle properly, then you need to put a cover on the burner too. For even distribution of heat, remember that the wok should be about ½ - 1 inch away from the electric coil, so make sure that the difference between them does not exceed or fall below this mark. When the wok is stable in place, turn on the stove to let the wok preheat for about 10 minutes before you add anything to the wok.

The wok will be ready once it starts to give off some smoke. When it’s ready, add cold oil and wait for some time for the oil to warm up before you add anything else to the pan and then you can continue using the wok just as you would on any regular stove.

Things to Consider before getting your Electric Wok

There are many types of woks in the market and it is very easy to get confused. To make sure that you do not find yourself completely in the dark while trying to select the best wok suited to your need, these are some things to consider in order to make sure that the glove fits! Make sure that you understand these few things about the electric wok, before you have a chance to get one for yourself.

Bottoms- Flat or Round - Which one do you need?

Flat bottom: These woks have an unstable bottom that wobbles when you put it on the burner. Due to being put into shape by hand hammering, these flat bottoms have an even bottom and are not made to be used on ceramic stove tops or induction burners.  However, these flat bottom woks are versatile and made to be used very effectively on electric and/or gas stoves.

Round bottom: If you have ceramic or electric stovetops then this wok is not for you. This is the traditional wok that everyone had been using until the past few years. These woks have to be used with an adapter, which is also called a wok ring. Wok rings are very cheap and they can also be used a trivet for convenience while removing the wok from the stove.

Size Makes a Difference

The size you need depends on several factors, for example, your preferences, your requirements, what kind of stove you have and the depth within the wok.

In general, the most widely used woks are 14 inches, which are convenient for serving about 5 people at once. There is also the freedom of tossing and turning the food when using this moderately sized wok. 12 inches can prepare food for about 1-2 people, so this might be too small to be used.

Whereas, 16 inches can be difficult to handle as it might be too big and problematic to be worked with in the kitchen. If you are a single person living alone and cooking your own meal, then you can get the one that is 10 inches in size which will only cook food for one person.

Final Verdict

In order to get the right suit for you, please make sure that you can specify the needs you want to fulfill with the wok. The amount of food you will be cooking will depend on the size of the wok, and most importantly, before buying the wok, make sure that you know which kind of stove you use at home. The beautiful, black and elegant Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet will be the coolest and the most useful cooking utensil in the kitchen! 

The non-stick surfaces and the foldable handles and removable base of the skillet all make it a cult favorite among experienced cooks and you will definitely enjoy having this easy to use and easy to clean skillet in your kitchen to do add more dimension to all your beautiful homely recipes for the family!

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