5 Tips On Electric Wok and Benefits of Using a Wok For Cooking

Wok has been used in kitchens from the very old times. Even now, it didn't lose a bit of its popularity. Permeated from the china, wok has quite strong popularity in Asian and European territories.

Many of you are wondering what is wok?

Well, in simple words, it's a round-bottomed fry pan. Similar to the skillet but flat base and not deep as wok. Now you can definitely recognize the thing I am talking about.

You know that wok requires certain prep before starting cooking on it? In this article, you will know how to use a wok and different types of wok.

Different types of wok and their function

First, I will discuss two main categories of wok. Electric wok and stove wok. Though people use wok every day in the kitchen, clumsy management can spoil woks performance. Specially, when it comes to an electric wok, you have to be super cautious.

Let’s go right in!

Electric wok

The design of electric wok basically made according to the classic wok design. The stirring pan in wide and semi-flat. And most of them are made of carbon steel. Carbon steel is preferable for every type of wok you want to get.

However, why am I saying it about carbon steel?

The answer is the material type. First of all, carbon steel will last for years. And the second is, it heats quickly and evenly. So you need less time and less fuel for your cooking. As it heats consistently, every bit of food will get heat evenly.

Electric wok has a heating coil under it. You can detach it from the pan while cleaning. You can control the temperature of your cooking, because it includes a thermo-dialer. Electric woks are actually designed for raffle free cooking. They are versatile, easy to handle. You can find the best electric wok at reasonable price for cooking electric wok recipes.

5 Tips on How to Use an Electric Wok

Avoid metal spatula

Never use any steel or metal spatula to stir the food. Metal will grease out its Teflon coating. It is not only for electric woks but also for every other woks. Always use wooden or silicone spatula for wok.

Avoid metal scrub either

Always wash them with sponge, soap and hot water. No metal scrubber. Avoid dishwasher also. Cleaning electric wok is not that much hard by hand.

Use high heat oil

Use oil that can stand against up to 500°F without making any smoke or burning itself.

Use the whole space

As you have a huge cooking surface, try to use every bit of it. But  not fill it in ample amount. Rather play with the food by giving them rapid stir you have to work faster because it’s running on high heat

Prepare your ingredients before starting with wok cooking at home. Because once you’ve started cooking you wouldn’t have much time to fiddle around finding your spices.

Season the lid too

If your electric wok has a carbon steel lidSo, wok seasoning with oil is needed. Pour a little bit of oil and then wipe it off with the tissue.

Stovetop wok

The traditional gas-stove woks have got round and semi-round bottom which is very helpful for mixing the ingredients properly.

However, considering the flat design of electric stove, latest woks have got a flat bottom. An original and durable stove wok is made of carbon steel and it is very heavy.

So, for a gas stove, use round or semi round-bottomed wok. You can also use a flat-bottomed wok on the gas stoves.

However, electric stoves may be tricky for some of you. So, how to use a wok on an electric stove? The answer is, always use a flat-bottomed wok on it. But for some reason, if you have to use a round-bottomed wok on an electric stove, place a ring over the stove and on the top place your wok.

Maybe, Wok cooking for beginners is tricky but not difficult. I suggest using a stove top wok rather than an electric wok for beginners. And the material of your wok should be Carbon-steel.

If you want to know the difference between- electric wok vs stove top wok. Then I would say that there is no such difference that separates them.

But yes, there is something you want to know. First of all, electric wok has a heat meter controller. You can only raise the temperature that is indicated in the wok. But stovetop wok, especially gas stove tops can acquire immense heat. And that’s what a wok wants for cooking.

And the second one is, electric woks are portable where stove tops are not. Unlike stovetops, electric woks don't use any gas either.

Advantages of a wok

Why should we use a wok for cooking? What is the advantages of a wok?

Well, woks are specialized for stir-fry, gravy, deep fry, soup and many versatile usages. So in one pan, you can make maximum dishes you want.

There are many kinds of woks. Cast iron, carbon steel, ceramic coated carbon and many more based on material.. As I have mentioned earlier, the most preferable material for the wok is carbon steel. It is more economical. It becomes really hot in less time and fuel. And the main feature of wok is cooking at high temperature.

Cooking in wok helps to sterilize food and kill the leftover germs. Food cooks well in woks. And good food is the key to healthy living.

How to Choose the Right Type of Wok?

You may be thinking of getting a wok. But the question is- how to choose a wok?

Choosing the right type of wok depends on your stove type and which material you want to have. For a gas stove, you have to buy a round-bottomed and for an electric stove, you have to buy a flat-bottomed.

Woks made of lightweight metals are available in the market. If you don't want to put pressure on your electric stove, right? And, if you don’t want any stove-raffle, you are free to buy an electric wok.

Final Words

Using a wok is easy but sometimes tricky. Having knowledge on how to use a wok can make your cooking process really easy.

The best cooking on wok depends on its material and its size. If you choose the right wok, I bet your food will be the most delicious and healthy. Discover new tastes of food with wok.

Happy cooking!   

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